Supple Strength

'Supple strength' is a mixture of Pilates and Yoga moves designed to invigorate mind and body.


It improves strength, flexibility, confidence and body awareness.


I am not a Yoga teacher and so only utilise the strengthening and flexibility aspects of Yoga. There are no head stands or full back bends and I do not teach meditation, although we always have a moment of quiet relaxation at the end. My classes simply draw on the fitness side of Yoga to enable the participant to grow stronger and fitter at the right pace for them with tried and tested structured moves.


Supple Strength is suitable for all levels of participant and can be a little more energetic than simple Pilates.







Pilates is not just about developing 'strong abs' or 'core strength'.


It is an exercise system that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle-strength, flexibility and posture. Pilates also trains the mind to recruit the correct supportive muscles for stronger, more confident movement.

The moves can be quite gentle at first but there is plenty of scope to move up to an advanced level creating a much more challenging work out should the partcipant wish to.


Pilates aims to create a better connection  between the mind and body, re-educating it to move correctly, helping to prevent muscle imbalances and injuries in everyday tasks.  



     In my classes we use small pieces of equipment to enhance the moves. I provide this equipment but you are welcome to purchase your

                 own from me at reduced rates. We use small 7" soft balls, dyna bands and small dumb bells. If you have your own 

                        equipment you are welcome to use it, however, anyone allergic to latex should make this know to me from

                                                          the start so that I can provide you with your own latex-free band. 


My classes will help to quiet and refresh the  mind, promoting an inner tranquility and a better connection between yourself and your body. They will also yield a feel good factor, reducing stress and fatigue, making you feel stronger, taller and firmer with increased body awareness and confidence.


Who can do my classes?
My classes suit all levels of participant; beginner through to advanced including pregnant and new mums. This is because each move has different levels of difficulty. All participants will start at the easiest level for each move and once a participant is capable of completing or achieving that level I will 'invite' them to 'add on' and move up to the next level and so on. The participant therefore is able to choose their own level of exercise according to their capabilities. So long as you are able to get up and down from the floor with ease then you can do my classes!
What, even men.....?!
Yes!! Especially men! As already mentioned the classes can be leveled to suit the individual, as most of the moves use a person's own body weight so a man (who is generally heavier than a woman due to muscle mass) will be working at a level that's suitable to them.