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*DISCLAIMER; When purchasing and following my exercise videos you acknowledge that you are exercising at your own risk. You agree to only exercise if you are fit and well and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Make sure your surroundings are clear from furniture and any other obstructions and use a non slip mat. Amanda Alcock and fit-n-active will not be held responsible for any injury. A Google account is required to access videos from this page. Alternatively, sign up to access a selection of free content or subscribe to have access to all videos.


Supple Strength 102 - 42 mins

LEVEL 1 - INTERMEDIATE - using the small exercise ball and weights to add another dimension to some of the moves, this class is slightly more challenging than SS101.


Beginner Pilates - 45 mins

BEGINNERS - LEVEL 1 - starting with a complete body set up to teach Pilates principles followed by a 40 mins class working the whole body with a couple of level 2 moves in there to inspire you forwards. 



Supple Strength 202 - 40 mins

INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED - no equipment needed. Using some of the more challenging moves from Pilates with 2 Yoga standing strength sections, this video is suitable for the more experienced person.

Pilates 101 - 30 mins

LEVEL1 - classic Pilates moves to create a flowing routine suitable for confident beginners and those looking for a lower level class. No equipment needed, maybe just a cushion to rest your head on

Pilates 201 - 25 mins

INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED a flowing Pilates routine focusing on core and hip strength, no equipment needed & aimed at those experienced in Pilates. 

Supple Strength 101 - 43 mins

BEGENNIER - LEVEL 1 - Entry level class with more Pilates than Yoga, suitable for beginners or those who wish to keep it low level



BEGINNERS - please see my 'how to' video on the Kettlebell page before purchasing to go over the basics

Kettlebell 101 - 20 mins

BEGINNER - INTERMEDIATE - a HIT based circuit workout using the kettlebell - 45 secs work, 15 secs rest targeting whole body including abs. This is low impact so kind to the knees

Kettlebell 102 - 28 mins

BEGINNER - INTERMEDIATE - this is a great toning workout! You work 40 secs on with 20 rest, 3 sets of exercises with a minute rest between each set, targeting the whole body. Also a great introduction to Kettlebells due to the variety of moves and slow pace. Intermediates can pick up the challenge by increasing the weight. 

Pilates with band 101 - 34 mins

LEVEL 1 - INTERMEDIATE - the band adds an extra challenge and dimension to a Pilates class, so this is not for beginners, you will need to know some basic moves first. Using classic moves with some progressions.


Post Work Stretch 101 - 20 mins

LEVEL 1 - ADVANCED - stretch yourself out with this full body reawakening programme! Pilates based moves designed to stretch out all the tight areas and wake up those that have fallen asleep



Pilates 202 - 40 mins

INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED - using the ball and weights, this class takes you through the more advanced moves with a slight focus on the obliques (waist). 

Kettlebell 201a - 36 mins

INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED - not for the feint hearted! Alternating Kettlebell Swings with strength based exercises to keep the heart rate up, this session will challenge your strength and stamina. Not for beginners due to the fast pace. 40 secs per exercise = 12 mins work - 1 m rest - 12 mins work.

* Not suitable for those with elbow or back issues.

Kettlebell 202 - 38 mins

INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED - Circuit based routine targeting the whole body. There are 3 sets to complete, each set has 4 exercises which are repeated 3 times - so 1 set = 12 exercises. There's a minutes rest in between each set then a lovely stretch at the end to cool down with. 


Boxing 101 - 35 mins 

BEGINNER - INTERMEDIATE - a great workout with a 50/50 mix of cardio plus legs/abs. This video takes you from beginner level up to intermediate - with the option to forwarding through the basics when/if you are more experienced. 


Boxing 102 - 31 mins 

BEGINNER - INTERMEDIATE - with a constant steady pace this video takes you from the beginning through to a combination of boxing and kickboxing moves (with options) providing an excellent whole body workout. 

Standing Stretch 101 - 16 mins

BEGINNER - ADVANCED - Yoga based standing stretches to re-energise the whole body up, morning, noon or evening for any ability.

Sun Salutation - Beginners - 16 mins

BEGINNER - LEVEL 1 - the sun salutation is a continuous flowing sequence of Yoga moves intended to lift the heart rate and improve strength and flexibility. It aims to connect body and mind together. This video takes you through the sequence twice slowly then 4 times at a faster pace, suitable for a calming stretch and those who are new to Sun Sals. 

Sun Salutation Traditional - 14 mins

INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED - sequence as above repeated 8 times at pace. Suitable for those experienced at Sun Salutation

These audio sessions will help you to relax and unwind. The screen is filled with a comforting picture whilst I talk through structured relaxation techniques to encourage you to unwind and indulge in a few moments to yourself. 



Relaxation 101 - 10 mins 

ACTIVE RELAXATION - Using the tense and release method. Allows the mind to actively release the muscles for a calming effect.

Relaxation 102 - 10 mins

BOX BREATHING RELAXATION - Focusing the breathe around a box to help absorb ourselves into relaxation