Zoom is an easy and convenient way to access classes and 'see' people outside your home whilst energising your mind and body in exercise.

All you need is a camera on your smart phone, tablet or PC, the internet and a space to workout in. The space doesn't need to be big, just big enough for you to lay down and stretch your arms and legs out.

If you have attended my classes before then you know the format and you are welcome to join in anytime, just drop me an email at and I will send you the link for the class. Fees are £5 per class, paid in advance.



For those who haven't been to my classes before, I offer a FREE 30-45 MINS ZOOM SESSION for us to chat, go through any injuries you might have and find out if you have any previous experience with Yoga and Pilates. There are also some essential basic principles that need to be explained before taking part in a class so these are explained in this session. Depending on your ability, we might also discuss if a particular class might be more suitable than another for you.

You do not need to be particularly 'tech savy' to be able to use Zoom, it really is a case of download, join a meeting and go! The hardest part is deciding where to put the camera which is usually a case of trial and error. I can advise you on these things though in the first session.

I have been running Zoom classes since the lockdown started on March 23rd and they have been very successful. So much so that I endeavour to continue with them in some format when life goes back to normal. I hope you will join me soon!