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Power Flows & Stretching Videos

Each video costs £2.50

This channel incorporates all manner of stretching routines and Power Flows. 


A POWER FLOW is a collection of moves which seamlessly glide from one to another creating a short but fast paced, challenging workout. It is designed to be your daily 'core fix' and they are suitable for those who are experienced at Yoga and Pilates, assuming the participant understands and can apply the core principles without too much instruction.   

DO YOU NEED something to stretch you out after a long day sat at your desk? It's here!   

DO YOU NEED something to challenge your stamina and strength? It's here!​


POWER FLOW 1 - My first Power Flow works on whole body strength and includes press ups, side kicks, lots of down dogs to stretch and lengthen the spine plus some lying core work to challenge. Build it into your daily routine to fire up your day


POWER FLOW 2 - This Power Flow starts with an Inchworm series (standing to plank) that progressively builds up to a full flowing sequence. We follow with some balance and slow lunges then a floor session which challenges the hips, thighs and obliques. Suitable for those experienced in Yoga and Pilates.


SUN SALUTATION FOR BEGINNERS - Beginners traditional Sun Salutation, going through the sequence 6 times. First time round is to teach moves and go through modifications


SUN SALUTATION - TRADITION IN FULL - This is a traditional Sun Salutation run through 8 times. The first 2 run throughs explain the modifications with the last 6 times run at pace. Suitable for those who have previous knowledge of the Sun Salutation


STANDING STRETCH 1 - BEGINNER TO ADVANCED LEVEL - after a gentle warm up we go through some traditional Yoga moves to stretch and invigorate. There are beginner levels and instructions as well as progressions for those more experienced. We take these standing stretches nice and slow to wake the body up, morning, noon or evening for any ability.


CORE STRENGTH & STRETCH 1 - This short sequence is just over 10 minutes long and is perfect to stretch and work on Core Strength. The Inchworms at the start aim to warm the whole body up and prepare the mind. We then spend a fair amount of time on the hands and knees using the Bear and Downward Facing Dog to get that mix of stretch and core strength. To unravel the waist there's plenty of twists then at the end we use Chair, Dancers Pose and Warrior 1 to challenge the legs and balance. We finish where we started so you can repeat it from beginning to end over and over to enable you to increase your flexibility and core strength morning, noon or night.

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