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Your instructor, Amanda

A bit more about me

Encouraging others to become fit'n'active is my passion.   Whether you want to strengthen, tone, gain confidence in exercising, improve posture or flexibility or simply feel fitter and more alive, I can take you on your journey.


I believe that core strength is key to a strong & healthy body. The core is the body's foundation so if your foundation is weak then so is the rest of the body. Hence, I teach Pilates and Supple Strength (a fusion of Pilates and Yoga) classes to promote core strength as well as whole body fitness.

I am also experienced in and have a passion for promoting joint health, mobility and stabilisation.       

My work with the NHS as a REHABILITATION ASSISTANT reflects this as I teach a programme that delivers exercise and education aimed at improving quality of life and functionality for those who suffer with Osteoarthritis as well as other muscular skeletal issues.


I soon hope to deliver a public exercise session to offer the same.

My introduction to the fitness world was as an aerobic instructor and personal trainer in 2001 but I become passionate about teaching core stability once I qualified in PILATES later that same year. I recognised a need for essential structural exercise to be counted as important as cardio or strength based exercise, regardless of whether a person wanted to lose weight or improve fitness, hence, Pilates became my passion.

I started teaching SUPPLE STRENGTH around 2005. This class combines Yoga & Pilates, but also utilises other disciplines like

TAI CHI and small exercise equipment to create a more interesting and invigorating class. I find that the

mix of disciplines work very well together, providing an invigorating class that suits all abilities. 

My work as a REHABILITATION ASSISTANT with the NHS began in Nov 2021. This role involves working with patients to educate and advise on the best way to strengthen weak joints whilst taking into consideration any ailments that might be present. This work is very rewarding and I endeavour to bring this knowledge into my general working day as an instructor.

I also offer relaxation sessions as I believe, a healthy body needs a healthy mind.

Previous other training methods

I qualified in BOXING PADWORK in 2003 and have used this form of training often on a 121 basis to help clients

improve fitness and lose weight.

I qualified as a KETTLEBELL Instructor in Jan 2022 and this format of training is available via video and 121 training only. Strength training is essential for maintaining muscle mass which diminishes as we get older but it's also crucial for those wanting to lose weight. The training style is very similar to using dumbbells and a lot of the time you can use these if you don't have Kettlebells.

Kettlebell training is fun and great for core strength too. 

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