A bit about me


I have been teaching Pilates since 2001, qualifying with both the Pilates Institute and Future Fit Training. I started out in the fitness world as an aerobic instructor and personal trainer but moved into Pilates just before starting a family. I recognised a need for essential structural exercise to be counted as important as cardio or strength based exercise. Hence, Pilates became my passion.


I branched out to include Yoga in my classes around 2005, to create a more interesting and invigorating class. I find that the mix of the 2 disciplines work very well with each other, one forces you to think about how your body works allowing the participant to re-educate themselves, the other helps to stretch and lengthen the body whilst relaxing and opening the mind.


Please note that I am not a Yoga teacher. I am a Pilates qualified fitness professional who is qualified to draw on the physical side of Yoga to produce a fitness class. For this reason I do not include any meditation or inversions (head stands etc) in my classes.


My classes suit all levels of participant; beginner through to advanced including men and pregnant/new mums. This is because each move has different levels of difficulty. All participants start at the easiest level for each move and once a participant is capable of completing or achieving that level I will then 'invite' them to 'add on' and move up to the next level. The participant therefore is able to choose their own level of exercise according to their capabilities.


I am always keen to deliver a high standard of class and for this reason I walk around the room frequently to check position and 

          execution. I am not the kind of teacher who stays at the front all the time, this is YOUR class and I endeavour to check

                                                              that my participants are doing things correctly to avoid injury.