A bit about me


I have been teaching Pilates since 2001, qualifying with both the Pilates Institute and Future Fit Training. I started out in the fitness world as an aerobic instructor and personal trainer but soon moved into Core stability and Pilates when I recognised a need for essential structural exercise to be counted as important as cardio or strength based exercise. Hence, Pilates became my passion.

I qualified in Padwork in 2003 and have used this form of training regularly to help clients improve fitness and lose weight.


I branched out to include Yoga in my Pilates classes around 2005, to create a more interesting and invigorating class. I find that the mix of the 2 disciplines work very well with each other, providing an invigorating class that suits all abilities. 

Recently qualifying in Kettlebell Training, this style of class will be delivered via video on YouTube soon.


I also work part time as a Rehabilitation Assistant delivering an exercise programme designed to improve pain and functionality for those who suffer with Osteoarthritis. This work is via the NHS and tremendously rewarding.

I am always keen to deliver a high standard of class and training, for this reason I walk around the room or watch the screen during Zoom classes frequently to check position and execution. I will respectfully correct where necessary to avoid injury.