121 Padwork & Boxing

Boxing is a great, fun way to workout! It improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and core strength and it's low impact so is easy on the knees. It's great for weight loss and interval training; working hard in short manageable bursts and then resting before raising the heart rate again - burning up the calories along the way.

I use boxing in both a 121 format (face to face, 1 on 1) and in a class format. Within a class we might workout simply with the boxing movements (as shown in the video below) or as part of a circuit - short bursts of boxing mixed with other CV or strength based exercises to really challenge the body. I sometimes include some kickboxing elements in my classes to keep it interesting and fresh.

121 Training sessions are from £15 for 30 mins 

Please contact for details of how to book a session and where they are held

info@fit-n-active.co.uk     07769 747393

NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NEEDED! As padword is delivered in a 121 setting (face to face) training is specific and tailored to the individuals fitness level and needs.​

Please note; my padwork sessions are designed for women only

121 Padwork Training

Boxing Classes

I am currently in the process of recording my Boxing fitness classes for purchase so that you can train and workout as and when you like. Please keep an eye out on the videos page for when they are ready and available.

In the meantime, here's a short introduction video giving you the basics of Boxing for Fitness with a small class at the end.

* Please note; for safety reasons, you must watch this video before doing any of my boxing classes. Thank you