Supple Strength

'Supple strength' is a class that mixes Pilates, Yoga and other techniques designed to invigorate the mind

and body. It improves strength, flexibility, confidence and body awareness and can be a little more energetic

than Pilates alone. Supple Strength will refresh the mind and body, yielding a feel good factor, reducing stress

and fatigue, making you feel stronger from the inside out.

Supple Strength is only taught in a group format, either live or via zoom or YouTube videos.

* Please note; I am not a Yoga teacher and so only utilise the strengthening and flexibility aspects of Yoga.

There are no head stands or full back bends and I do not teach meditation.

Who can do Supple Strength?

My classes suit all levels of participant; beginner through to advanced, men and women including pregnant

and new mums. This is because each move is built up in layers, we all start with level 1 and then we 'layer up'

so the participant is therefore able to choose their own level according to their capabilities. So long as you are

able to get up and down from the floor with ease then you can do these classes! 

As with any exercise if you have any concerns please seek advice from your Dr or physio before attending.

Equipment - small exercise balls are used in class and can be bought via this link (copy link into your browser) -

You might also need some small dumbbells (0.5-1.5 kgs) and a resistance band. I have a few spare bands to use to start with

Timetable - £8 per class - 1 hour class

* Attend 2 classes in one week and pay just £13! 

Payable on the first class with no refunds for no shows.

* Buy a block of 6 classes for £45 (credits to be used within 8 weeks)

Mondays @ 7.30pm

Priory Methodist Church, Newnham Ave, MK41 9QJ

(Please enter via the white door to the left of the main door)

Tuesday @ 6pm

Priory Methodist Church, Newnham Ave, MK41 9QJ

(Please enter via the CAR PARK. Enter via the fire exit door

to the back left corner of the car park)

Thursday @ 6pm

St Marks Church, Avon Dr, Bedford MK41 7UY

Please email or call to book a space

Watch a sample of my Supple Strength class here