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Kettlebells are very versatile and seen as one of the best tools for improving fitness, core strength and stability whilst providing an all-over body workout. Training with Kettlebells is very dynamic; you swing them, press them, lift them during both standing and floor work. It's considered to be one of the best forms of 'functional' training. Kettlebells provide a great alternative cardio workout too (compared to the treadmill for instance) as there is no impact and when used in a circuit format you can quickly raise the heart rate! In a nut shell - increase fitness as well as sculpt and tone the body all in one session!

Intro to Kettlebell classes followed by a trailer for one of my videos 

Can I use Dumbbells instead?

For the most part, yes. There are a few variations to be made but essentially, if you don't have Kettlebells then yes you can adjust the move to use dumbbells instead. Some moves are more suited to Dumbbells and others to Kettlebells.

Who can do Kettlebell Training?

Kettlebell training is most suited, but not restricted to, those who are used to exercise & exercising with weights. It involves strength and coordination and can be quite demanding so I would recommend a pure beginner to watch my introduction to Kettlebell video above, before purchasing one of my videos. Please seek advice from your Dr or physio first if you have back or neck issues or are unsure.

What size weight bell should I use?

You should have a couple of different size weights at hand which you might change according to the type of exercise you are doing. For instance, for the swings, once you are competent, you will need a relatively heavy weight. When you are learning the swing, then the weight mustn't be too heavy so as to avoid injury. Once the technique is perfected, you should use a weight that would be hard to lift above your head 6-8 times, for most women this might be around 6kgs (for a complete beginner) but it depends on individual strength, confidence and experience. For single arm movements you might use a smaller weight.

*Please note that you will need to provide your own kettlebells.

The History of Kettlebells

Kettlebells originated as a farm tool in Russia back in the 1800's to weigh crops. During the 19th Century they were used for recreational purposes and to train athletes in Russia and Europe. Due to World War 1 and the Russian Civil War Kettlebell training and knowledge was confined to Russia and so little was heard of Kettlebell training in the west until 1998 when an article was written in a very popular Western fitness magazine detailing various Russian 'pastimes', including Kettlebell training. Since then, it has grown and developed into a hugely popular - and successful - way to train the whole body all over the world.

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