I am now running 3 live classes

                                and 1 Zoom class

                       Please see the class timetable

                             page for more details

        Newcomers welcome - please attend a live class

                      before attending a Zoom class

Pilates/Yoga classes in Bedford

My classes strengthen and stretch your body leaving you feeling invigorated and positive

    Whether you want to strengthen and tone   

      the whole body or improve posture and 

   alleviate back issues, my classes are for you.  

 My classes are suitable for everyone, from the  

 young to the old, even pregnant and new mums.

That includes men too!! 

              Movements can always be adapted to suit an  
         individual or injury, so long as you can get up and 
      down from the floor with ease, you can do my classes.

So why not come along and try a session for

   free. All you need is a yoga mat, stretchy
 clothing and the desire for an invigorating
             yet relaxing exercise class.


Try a class for free, if you don't think it's for you then don't pay!!

Try a class for free on YouTube