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  • 20+ years experience working in the fitness industry

  • I offer a holistic approach to exercise and fitness - my aim is to improve your overall health, fitness, confidence & well-being with exercise and education rather than strive for the 'body beautiful'

  • My clients' ages range from 20-85 



I offer PILATES & SUPPLE STRENGTH classes in Bedford along side working for the NHS.

 My NHS work involves offering exercise, education and advice for patients suffering with Osteoarthritis and other muscular skeletal ailments. 

I hope to soon offer a public class with the same aim.



Classes in Bedford

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Supple Strength

.......a fusion of Yoga & Pilates designed to invigorate the mind and body. It improves strength, flexibility and body confidence as well as refreshing the mind, yielding a feel good factor, helping to reduce stress and fatigue.


......aims to create a better

connection between the mind and body, re-educating it to move correctly, allowing the participant to become more 'in tune' with how their body works.

Class Price List

First Class Free!!

Payable by cash or bank transfer

Pay as you go          £8.50
(Price per class)

Block of 6 classes      £48
(Expires after 8 weeks)

Block of 10 classes    £75
(Expires after 12 weeks)

Attend 2 classes        £14
in the same week

Video Workouts

  • Videos are available for purchase.

  • Extensive video library packed full of workouts of different lengths and styles.

  • Videos accessible via a YouTube link







What my lovely customers say.....

Jackie W

I have attended Amanda's classes for many years now and I enjoy them as she caters for everyone's ability and makes everyone feel welcome. I have just returned after having a stroke and she has been great support.

Most importantly I love the classes and the programmes she teaches.

Patsy W

I started attending Amanda's classes in February as a complete beginner and was immediately made to feel very welcome by Amanda and the rest of the class. 

Now 6 months on and the changes to my mobility and body shape are notable! 

I can honestly say that this is the best thing I have done to improve my fitness and the confidence it has given me is amazing - don't think about it, take the plunge and enjoy the benefits!

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